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The fall edition of  Vineyard Style talks about every home's "fifth wall" and how you can enhance any space by making a few updates. Until you get ahold of the magazine, you can read the article right here:

"The Fifth Wall"

"The floor of any room can be transformed into an integral feature of your design scheme without relying on expensive materials, as nice as some may be. The photos in this issue depict how a few of our own contactors and designers have employed creative techniques - creatively used a combination of materials - to metamorphose ordinary but durable flooring products into fun, functional, and beautiful layouts to decorate, in our pariance, the "fifth" wall.

Start thinking of your floor as another wall to be decorated. The handiwork showcased in this issue displays just a few examples of techniques and treatments you can employ to give an entire room a new look. Consult your designer and painting contractor on other options, and don't hesitate to be bold!"  VS  


Annie and lawyer-friend Mike Goldsmith have begun co-authoring the "Design Trends" column in Vineyard Style Magazine.  This winter's piece also showcased some of Annie's design work, custom fabrications (see the "bottom up/top down" silk Roman shades below!), and staging ideas. Here's the article:

"The Play of Light"

"In this issue we explore how to "play" with light to make your dining area anything but cold and ark during the shorter days of winter. You can easily adapt these ideas to give your space a fresh look for the upcoming months.

The strategically placed mirror (left) in this narrow multi-purpose room creates a three-hundred and sixty degree view of the sound - and the light springing from the rippled water - and establishes an illusion of a wider, more expansive space.

"We pulled together a mélange of items from local vendors to spruce up this custom, hand-painted dining table" says Annie. Using an array of holiday candles from the Beach House of Vineyard Haven and equisite hand-made jewelry from Oak Bluffs designer Stephanie Wolf, the flickering flames draw out the subtle metallic tones in the table to create reflective light from the silver, the stemware, and the china.

The silk window treatments (right) - designed and fabricated by Annie Parr - allow you to adjust the exposed portion of the window in order to create an easy transition from a block of late afternoon light to a black band of dark glass, both of which enhance the natural folds in the fabric and the slatted texture of the contemporary table base."  VS  

Check out Annie and Mike's other columns, "First Impressions" (Spring 2013) and "Writing on the Wall" (Summer 2013), and stay tuned for their next article this fall!  The columns also feature photography by Lauren Petkus and, yes, Annie Parr.


Vineyard Style Vineyard Style  



"Thank you for your help on our Vineyard project. As you know, it is tough doing things from three thousand miles away."

-David H.

We're excited to announce that we were published in the "Summer 2012" addition of Vineyard Style! Until the article is available online, you can read it right here!


If you think wallpaper is going out of style, ask Annie Parr of Island Interiors, who says, "wallpaper offers textures or paterns which cannot be achieved with paint." She adds that "the industry has stayed current with the trends, and the new products coming out are amazing." This includes special finishes, unique color combinations, metals, and mixed-media."

With such a large range of designs, it's less about particular trends and more about "where the paper is bedding used, and what effect the client is trying to achieve," says Annie. This is where understanding the clients' needs becomes essential, something that Island Interiors takes seriously. If a client doesn't want the whole room papered, Annie will recommend wallpaper to accent a single wall. To prevent a feeling of permanence, she has styles that provide flexibility for future changes. She uses innovative techniques, such as wallpaper on furniture, for a surprising twist. Easygoing patterns keep wallpapers current for  years and she uses "woven grasses and natural papers that are now offered in contemporary colors and patterns, making them fresh and timeless"

Preparation of the wall is an important step as well. "My installer is meticulous and skilled," explains Annie, "so I have no concerns about the quality of our jobs." VS

“We have worked with a number of designers over the years and none of them were as professional and knowledgeable on the job site as you.”

-Bill C, 2011

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